It is interesting to read about something when you are feeling about it.

It was one such moment when I stumbled upon this interesting article titled - From 'basorexia' to 'cyberchondria'. 

Human emotions have always intrigued me a lot. The diverse nature of our experiences tend to evoke feelings and emotions, sometimes common and many a times uncommon. One such emotion is Torschlusspanik and this is what I was feeling for a last few days.

Very beautifully, the article described Torschlusspanik as below.

Torschlusspanik describes the agitated, fretful feeling we get when we notice time is running out. 

The heart pounds, the nape of the neck prickles, as the deadline approaches. Yet, we’re stuck, bewildered by choices and terrified we’re about to make the wrong one.

Life, and all its abundant opportunities, is passing us by.

Literally translated from the German as ‘gate-closing-panic’, Torschlusspanik was coined in the Middle Ages. Seeing a rampaging army approach, and knowing that the castle gates were about to close, travellers and shepherds flung their belongings aside and stampeded across the drawbridge to safety.

Nowadays, the closing gates we rush towards are metaphorical. But the blind panic can be no less grim.

Germans most often use Torschlusspanik to describe the feeling some women experience of being terrorised by the tick-tick-tick of a biological clock. 

At the crossroads of life, you choose your path. And when you choose a path, you often let go of other paths. After all, you lead one life - and one life can choose only one path.

The other paths may hold abundant colorful opportunities. Yet, you need to let them go and before time passes by, choose your path, your destiny.

Do you feel this way sometimes? If you do, you are not alone. You have Yours Truly for company.

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