Share Your Fear

There wouldn't be anyone in the world who would not fear anything. However, there would be many around us who would not be vocal about their fear. Very often than not, we keep our fear to ourselves.

Worried, the world would jeer,
Oh it was a bit queer.
Scared, the world would sneer.
Well, I had a fear.

What makes people to be secretive about their fears? Is is due to the worry they will be judged? Or is it the worry that they would be considered weak and feeble? The reasons are many.

On the contrary, sharing your fear gives you access to help and assistance. Opening up about your fear shows your vulnerability. It reflects your true self. It reflects your soul. 

It makes you a mere mortal. But sharing it also upholds you in eyes of others. Sharing some of your most intimate and difficult things makes you open to sharing other feelings too, and receiving love and happiness in return.

If you fear darkness and you share your fear, you are very likely to be offered a candle in return.

When was the last time you shared your fear with someone? When was the last time someone shared your fears with you?

It's something to be shared,
And you will be cared.
The world will be yours,
A bird, you will soar.

Don't be scared to share your fears.

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  1. I am very hesitant of sharing my fears because then the other person knows my weak points .. so i keep it to myself