Monsters on the Street

Yes, India is in trouble. Deep trouble. A young lady, all of 23, dreams in her eyes, bubbling with ambitions, was horribly raped on a moving bus in the national capital New Delhi. 

And two weeks later, after a strong willed fight put in by her spirit and body, she is no more. The nation grieves her loss. And with her, many women lose their dreams. 

We have blood on our hands.

Blood on our Hands
Such disturbing acts, such filthy behavior causes a cringe in everyone's heart. And to know that there are people out there who could possibly indulge in such a ghastly deed makes us live in fear. And it is this fear of the monsters on the street that can crush a million dreams.

Time and again, we have discussed and understood the importance of the women for the development of the nation. They have the ability to make substantial contribution to the welfare and the progress of the nation. And it is our responsibility to provide them with a "safe" platform to pursue their dreams and aspirations, so that they can make this contribution.

Safety is paramount. We should give them the facilities to lead their life with safety and dignity. We should create safe surroundings so that they are able to lead their life happily, without being a refugee in their own nation.

Save Women
What can we do to eradicate the occurrences of this psychopathic act called rape?

A change in the mindset is most important. Men must be taught to respect women. Men must be made to understand that women are human's like them, and deserve the same respect which they themselves aspire.

Wouldn't a man fear for his death when he sees another man pointing a gun at him, knowing that one bullet can snuff the life out of his life? Yes, it is the same fear which is experienced by the women when they see shameless psychopathic lust in the monster's eyes. 

Doesn't a man want to live his full life? Yes, a girl and a lady too wants to do the same. 

You must have heard about a song Honey Singh from the movie Cocktail. Next time, you enjoy the song again - think twice. The same singer has written and sung a filthy song, hurting the modesty of women. Such songs glorify these  dastardly acts. It is needed to put a full stop to such shameless stuff.

Can a change in the mindset brought about easily? No, it wouldn't be so easy to bring about 500 Million+ men to respect the dignity of women. 

Respect Women
It is needed to start a sustained campaign to insist and re-insist the theme - Preserve the Dignity of Women. This campaign has to be similar to the Eradicate Polio Campaign. Mass advertisements on TV, and local grass root level campaigns in schools, colleges, housing colonies, public places et al are much needed.

Changes in the laws to bring about strict punishments for such brutal crimes can bring in a tendency of fear. It would be an added step to drive a knife into the heart of the men who are even contemplating such actions. Some people are advocating castration, while others are suggesting life imprisonment or even a death sentence. The punishment should be strict and severe.

Lastly, it would be very important to provide an environment which would be conducive for the women to conduct their day to day life without fear. How would that be possible? 

We need to make our streets well lighted. We need to provide facilities of safe and affordable public transportation. We need to increase the strength of our police force patrolling the streets so that the women feel safe. And make the monster's dead scared.

How quick can these changes be implemented? It would take time. But it would very important to start them immediately so that such horrific crimes, and loss of life and dignity, can be avoided. 

Let's drive the monster's away from the street, and stop them from prying on women. And make the society a better place to live.

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  1. Whole nation united to fight for her, I was there at India gate and I saw how they were protesting. But still no action, the monster are eating every other day.

    So many rape cases after Damini but nothing.