A little girl,
Sweet and nice.
Something about her,
Makes me rejoice.

Is it her demeanor,
Or her enchanting grace.
Her supreme qualities I aver,
Her thoughts leave me in a daze.

Sparkling are her thoughts,
Beautiful are her dreams.
Sky high are her aspirations,
I pray she always win.

Enamoring is her smile,
Beguiling are her eyes. 
Classy is her style,
The lady charming is wise.

A dear friend of mine,
Crowned with thoughts sublime.
She is a star supreme, 
A lass creme de la creme.

Discovering her is a pleasure,
I never want it to end.
She is a priceless treasure,
Be my forever friend.

Our talks are endless,
Thoughts to share countless.
Be my friend ageless,
She is an Empress.


P.S. She is also a Diamond Dame, and a Lady Precious

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