Diamond Dame

Priceless than a pearl,
Sparkling is a girl.
Classier  than a gem opal,
Polished is a dear gal. 

Met her by God's grace, 
She is special, Her Highness.
Glad she is my pal,
My best friend by far.

Vivacious and forever bright,
Many are her mights.
Impressed with her maturity,
She is strong and gritty.

Older than her age,
Thoughtful than her years.
Leaving me in a daze,
Is the charming girl.

On the canvas of my life,
She opens up a palette vivid.
My days have shades of spring,
Thanks to the girl gifted.

On the lush winter grass,
She is the crowning dew.
In the serene night,
A bright full moon.

Between us may be miles,
Lets conquer it with smiles.
Build a bridge of thoughts,
We will resolve the knots.

I would admire her forever,
As we pursue many endeavors.
In my life be a beacon,
We would win as One.

Words are few,
For a priceless miss.
Blessed with virtues many,
Is the exquisite miss.

A treasure is she priceless,
Would admire you endless.
Sparkling bright is the flame,
She is a Diamond Dame!!

Diamond Dame

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  1. Simple words and yet magical effect.

    Nicely written :)