A Sparkling Flare

What is a sun,
Without some dark spots.
A clean white page,
Can have some blots.

A bright sunny day,
Will sometimes be cloudy.
For someone who is Betty,
Can also be a tinge of Ronnie.

A serene beach, brown and sandy,
Will have some pebbles small.
For every dark night,
There is a bright fireball.

 Shades of grey,
Color our life white.
Making it imperfect,
Also make it bright.

Don't be troubled by imperfections,
They are not burdens.
They are curtains in the mind,
Open them, n Happiness you will find.

A little smudge here and there,
Wouldn't make you less rare.
Believe me, you have the flair,
To be A Sparkling Flare.

A Sparkling Flare
P.S. You are a Sparkling Flare, your imperfections notwithstanding. Brighten up my life.

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