The Night

The sun's gone down,
The moon's yet to rise.
Silence is in the air,
Just the last byes.

Life around is slow,
She waits for her beau.
To share a hot meal,
And a life to reveal.

In the dark streets,
He saunters with an aim.
To keep everyone safe,
Alone sleeps his dame.

He rushes to his home,
There is his heart.
The world may stop,
With them, his life starts.

The snow kissed grass,
Is bed to a man.
His heart is alone,
His life without an abode.

In the warm homes,
Children are the joys.
Stories are being read,
Before the time to bed.

The young enamored birds,
Hymn tunes of love.
Cuddle in the duvet,
To melt into delight.

The snow fritters away,
Turning the night gray.
Dreams will fly away,
To kiss the sun's rays.

The Night
The Night
P.S. After the sun sets, we all go back to being ourselves. The night gives us the comfort to drop our masks. We go back to experiencing our lives, a far cry from the artificial life in the office spaces. And everybody's experience is different. 

The antithesis of an night is profound.

Just one experience is common. Dreams !

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