Think Like A Freak Book Review

After the superb success of Freakonomics and Super Freakonomics, the economist pair of Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner are back with their latest book - Think Like A Freak !

Think Like A Freak
Think Like A Freak
For any one who has read first two books, you better lay your hands on this one too. It's interesting, full of unconventional ideas, loaded with data and experiments, and replete with suggestions.

With just about 200 pages, in slightly large font, the book is definitively smaller than their first two books. With nine chapters exploring nine finely interconnected themes, the book is delight for anyone who loves to think differently.

The first chapter sets the context for thinking like a freak, the motto of the book. This is an extension of the first two books, which encouraged lateral thinking based on some dramatic examples.

The second urges you to accept things you don't know. This is something which we find difficult to do, as we grow older. The third focuses on asking the right set of questions to identify a problem. A problem well defined sets you on the path to solve the problem, rather than wandering aimlessly.

The next two are interesting too. From identifying the root cause of a problem, to thinking like a child, the book doles out good advice based on some interesting real-life examples. 

How incentives work form the theme of the 6th chapter. Candies for babies, promotions at work et al illustrate this idea. The Art of Persuasion is another chapter in the book.

Good Vs Bad. King Solomon. King David. Bathsheba. Nigerian scam masters. Winston Churchill. The Challenger Disaster. People who made a mark on history and incidents which left a telling mark on all of us are narrated as short stories to impress a few points on our impressionable minds.

Hope you are not wondering why are two economists writing about stuff which is usually the realm of motivational speakers and writers. Well, these two are no ordinary economists. In their three books, including this one, they have made a very serious attempt to understand human psychology and behavior, and its impact on the society at large. Call it behavioral economics !! 

Most chapters in the book are crisp and to the point. One of the chapters stretches a bit to keep you engrossed. Nonetheless, the narration across the book is fluid. 

For anyone who loves to tell short stories to make a point, this book is for you. And if anyone told you that stories are not a good way of making a few points, you can hand them a copy of this book.

This book is useful for everyone. Students, Teachers, Parents, Kids, Working Professionals, Politicians, Kings and Queens - everyone will find a bit of advice which will help them conduct (for lack of a better word) themselves suitably.

All in all, Think Like A Freak is a very interesting book from the SDL and SJD stable. Grab a copy for your reading, you will not be let down.

P.S. If you have not read the first two, read them too. They will delight you.

Think Like A Freak Book Review Think Like A Freak Book Review Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Saturday, September 20, 2014 Rating: 5

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