Dream Merchant

Stuttering voice, trembling fingers,
Anything but sweet, only bitter.
Piercing cold, dreams hollow,
Sad and full of sorrow.

What's it all about,
Why such a clout?
On a soul so feeble,
Anything but gay, so dull.

Sighed, the mere mortal,
Swimming against the tide.
Looked up for angels,
Not even one in sight.

In the thin dark night,
The moon is shining bright.
Does she promise something,
Something priceless n divine.

The dusk is hovering around,
Assuring a new bright day.
Angels are being heard,
Showing the soul a way.

To my feet of clay,
Destiny shows its way.
Telling me, Come on, be buoyant,
You are a Dream Merchant.

Dream Merchant
Dream Merchant
P.S. Setbacks are temporary, Dreams are permanent.
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