A Tale Of Three Ads

Advertisements are meant to be interesting.

However, some recent ads on Indian televisions were downright ordinary. It made me wonder - what are these people actually selling. And why waste a million odd rupees on something that doesn't even catch your eye.

Naseeruddin Shah's Bajaj Finserv ad is a classical example. Good, greater, greatest - the ad is at best a tongue twister.

However, two recent ads left me extremely pleased. Thankfully we have creative people still around.

This one is a Champions League T20 promotional ad. This was not a mega sports event. Yet, the ad touched hearts.

And the next one is a perennial favorite - Nescafe. I bet you are already humming the Nescafe Tone.

Every coffee lover will love this one.

Let there be more power to intelligent ad makers.

A Tale Of Three Ads A Tale Of Three Ads Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Monday, September 22, 2014 Rating: 5

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