Valentine's Day Through My Eyes

Valentine's Day. 

Two weeks into the second month of the year. The world is painted red. All shapes take a back seat, except the heart. 

Roses in all their beautiful colors glow in their glory. And red ones are crowned the best.  

Happiness is all around. Eyes are bright. Shoulders are upright. Love is in the air. Hands are held with affection. Precious shoulders are around to rest a head. And what nots!!

Whispers, greetings, messages, sweet nothings and affectionate words, all of it create a few priceless moments. And unforgettable memories.

This is the reflection of the world in my eyes. 

My world is its mirror image. My world is not so colorful. Its slightly grey, rather more darker, almost black. 

You wouldn't find any roses here, only a few thorns. Words don't speak here, only silence screams aloud. 

Empty eyes, cold hands, drooping shoulders don't make for an interesting companion. All of them belong to me.

An empty soul can't win any heart. A bird with wings causes some useless noise fluttering its feathers. It's locked in a cage, never to be in flight. After all, a rolling stone gathers no moss.

The hearts around the world have a cupid's arrow. Mine is pierced with a sharp dagger. The world look forward to a promising future. All I can look forward to is a night of sleep. 

But let me tell you,  even sleep doesn't invite me with open hands these days. If it does, its a fleeting companion at best. 

Why this contradiction? Why this failure? Why do I have such a weak heart? And why this rigmarole at the end of a long day?

Answers are not forthcoming. But the questions too are not lying in rest.

When the world around seeks someone better than the best, what would I do, ordinary than the rest?? 

Lost Focus

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