Hope Floats

I knew one thing. You realise the real value of people when they are about to go far away from you. God taught me this lesson today. 

Meeting 1
We hardly knew each other. We met in exceptional circumstances. We started to be friends. We  had more than a few things in common. 

Meeting 2
An evening snack on a Saturday. A fast day lost in smiles. A meeting after a long day at work. A few days lost between long days and sleepless nights. 

Much thoughts were shared between meeting 1 and 2, between sleepless nights and sleepy nights.

Meeting 3. 
Between meeting 2 and meeting 3 were more and more talks. And  long long days. And just an hour or so to talk everyday.

Thought we were lucky to meet for the third time, almost out of the blue. Thanked God for it. But a cruel world played a spoilsport. Few precious were moments shared. Few expectations were left wanting as we parted. 

What was in store for the future was hidden in a Pandora's box. 

Meeting 4
This meeting was made true by His grace. 

But they say, God proposes, Man disposes. I faltered. And fell again and again. And before we knew, it was time for the curtains. 

Felt sad about the time lost. But nothing can reverse time.

She was always priceless. Yet, she was somehow was getting lost in my hazy eyes.

And today, yet again, time proved that you realise a person's worth when they are about to leave for far away.

Tonight, what the world holds for us for tomorrow is uncertain. She gives me hopes. And hope is all that I have. 

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