The Ultimate One

The stars will shine bright,
And the sun is saying bye.
A thousand miles across the world,
Someone will say warm Hi.

Glowing is the moon round,
Reflecting many a  dreams.
Someone I will hear, her sound,
Calm as a gentle stream.

The world small is lost,
In the universe large.
Yet why ain't I lost,
In this long winding path.

Someone is with me,
Holding my hands with care.
I see the world through her eyes,
Sharing a million thoughts.

With me is my pole star,
Guiding rock, standing tall.
Beautiful lady, lovely gal,
Petite n' small.

Gems around the world are many, 
Yet there is always One Sun.
With her I am happy, 
 She is my Sun, the Ultimate One.

My Only Sun
P.S. Crystal Princess and The Ultimate One is one and them same.

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