The Bubble Phenomenon

How often do you find yourself guessing an answer when you don't have the slightest idea of the question?

With just a simple statement for information, you pop out a guess or an answer. It leaves you amazed with its accuracy. You come on top. Your estimated guess comes out on the top.

What caused that answer to be on the top your mind?

I call it The Bubble Phenomenon. 

Why do bubbles always reach the top, be it a glass of plain water or in a turbulent ocean. That's because it seeks the air.  It's the bubble which wishes to reach the top seeking air, pursuing air.  

It's the same with your mind. Whatever you seek is on the top of your mind. 

It's the Bubble Phenomenon at work.

The Bubble Phenomenon
P.S. Bubbles do burst. That's a fact of life. 

P.S.2. Why does the bubble in the water seek the air, when it knows that it will burst as soon it will achieve its goal?

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