Venus Arising

Across the far land,
Over the seven seas.
You promise to be grand,
Make it biggies.

A step at a time,
Is your aim simple.
Many pedestals you will climb,
Sparkle n' shine, glittering crystal.

Bright and vivacious,
Is the girl charming.
Humble and modest,
The lady is bustling.

Wish you go miles,
Conquer with your smile.
In the world you sashay,
Win lots of hearts on the way.

Lost in intriguing thoughts
Deep are your eyes,
Your smile is a hundred watts.
Akin a moonrise.

Sparkling as a bright firefly,
Is the dame dazzling.
Across the evening sky,
Is a Venus Arising.

Venus Arising

P.S. For You.

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