Luck and Fate

Interesting movies create interesting moments. Such instances reflect a reality of life which we often fail to notice in our fast paced lives. Or moments which makes the thought behind it all the more profound.

For a very long time now, I have been wondering and pondering about Fortune. Her thoughts have occupied my mind in my most disturbing as well as most solemn moments. 

Where does fortune stem from? Luck? Destiny? Hard work? God's Blessings?

Fortune Luck and Fate
Well, the answer is still an enigma. However, a scene in a movie I watched yesterday - 007 James Bond Golden Eye - shed some light on my question. 

The scene was as below.

James Bond, Agent 007 and Alec, Agent 006 are on a joint mission. The simplicity of solving the situational problem strikes on 007's mind, and he makes the remark below starting the conversation flow.

James Bond 007 : lt's too easy.

Agent Alec 006 : Half of everything is luck, James.

James Bond 007 : And the other half?

Agent Alec 006 : Fate.

In a very simple situation, spanning less than 10 seconds, they solved half the puzzle.

After all, isn't luck and fate two sides of the same coin - a coin named Fortune?

P.S. Yes, they are. However, Fortune isn't a two sided coin. It is multi sided facet. And I am still hunting for the answer. Maybe its a multi colored umbrella, like the one below?

Fortune - A multi colored Umbrella?

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  1. I loved the way you put this. Life is a multi-coloured umbrella too. It rains often. :)

  2. Hmm i am going to chew on this thought for a while..