Dazzling Diva

On a sun kissed beach long,
The waves sing a song.
Lashing softly against the sand,
As I hold my girl's hand.

The sun sets in a land far,
Turning the sky into a blanket of flame.
Dressed beautifully in a peignoir,
Is her majesty, my dame.

Darkness takes over the land,
Srarkling bright is the Miss grand.
Shining miles away is the new moon,
In your thoughts as I swoon.

Under the million stars,
On a soft bed called earth.
Our dreams take us far,
I realise your precious worth.

Right above me is a pole star,
You with me is what I saviour.
Wish I could lose in your aura,
My lovely lady, my Dazzling Diva.

Dazzling Diva
P.S. You can play one part in this song.

Dazzling Diva Dazzling Diva Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Friday, April 20, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Like your form and rhyming words ~

    This is beautifully written...those nature's wonders are indeed spectacular ~

  2. # I realise your precious worth...
    it was an awesome post.. :)
    Diva is dazzling indeed !!