Amazing Antwerp

Antwerp is a beautiful city in the north of Belgium. Though not the capital of the country, it is the most populous city in Belgium with a population of 510 thousand. I had the opportunity to visit this amazing city a few days back.

Many tourists arrive into Antwerp using the train. The beautiful railway station  - Antwerp Central - leaves you bedazzled. It's one of the finest in the world, with the platforms at 4 levels. It is a monument in itself.

Antwerp Central
The next stop was Aquatopia. It is an Aquarium just outside the railway station. The Aquatopia has a good collection of fishes, including an overhead observatory. It's a good visit for children as well as adults.

Antwerp Aquatopia
A few steps away was the Antwerp Diamond District. Antwerp is famous for its diamond trading industry, with Indian businessmen playing an important part too. Within 500 meters, I could spot 5 Indian bank's, making life easier for these businessmen.

Antwerp SBI
The next stop was Meir. Meir is the longest shopping street in Antwerp, lined with shops from the world renowned brands. In the backdrop of Christmas and the forthcoming New Year, the street was brightly decorated. And of course, vehicles were not allowed on Meir.

Antwerp Meir
Immediately after the shopping street was The Cathedral of Our Lady. The Cathedral is  494 years old and stands majestically over the Antwerp Skyline.

Cathedral of Our Lady - Antwerp

Antwerp Cathedral
A few steps away is the Antwerp Town Hall and Grand Place. The Town Hall was celebrating 450 years of existence, and the city was celebrating it with a small exhibition explaining its history and importance through the centuries. The exhibition offered interesting insights into the times gone by.

Antwerp Town Hall
In the square stood the statue of Brabo. According to legend, Brabo liberated Antwerp from the giant Antigoon by cutting off his hand and throwing it into the Scheldt river. This gave birth to the name - "hand-werpen" (Dutch for 'hand' and 'throwing').

A few metres away is the Scheldt river. A walk by the river will give you a panaromic view of the city, including Antwerp West which lies on the other side of the river. 

Antwerp Scheldt River
Overall, Antwerp is a lovely place to visit in Belgium. You can also visit the Antwerp Zoo which is located just outside the Train Station.

Antwerp Street Artists

Antwerp Street Artists
Antwerp offers excellent connectivity by train. Brussels is just 45 minutes away while Amsterdam is only 2 hours away. Don't miss Antwerp if you are in Belgium or The Netherlands.


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