A Natural Way

Words are powerful. The use of an appropriate word can help resolve knotted circumstances.

Questioned about how a particular thing should have been done, I would have replied with "A <emphasizing word> way" .

The word would have been an adjective to underscore why the particular way is suitable.

Some of my choices would have been :-

1. A simple way - This could have possibly represented that other choices were a bit difficult and hence, they are not chosen. This would not be a good reasoning to justify the choice.

2. The correct way - This could open up a can of worms, since the definition of correctness could vary with people. This could in turn dismiss the choice. 

3. A clean elegant way - This option could help, but would not possibly illustrate the reason behind the choice. This could sound jazzy and may not cut ice.

Her choice was more powerful. 

She remarked - This is a natural way of doing it.

The word natural emphasized that the way of doing things was the innate, instinctive and lifelike way, and hence, is the most obvious choice.

It was a wonderful lesson for me in the art of communication. 

Keep learning, everyday. Keep your eyes and ears open. There are a lot of brilliant people around.

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