What's In A iPhone?

It all started on a busy Tuesday evening.

A friend of mine pinged me on the office communicater,  "Did you nominate me for the award?". Dumbstruck, I asked, "Which award?". He replied, much to my elation "I just got a iPhone 6 as a Top Performer Award!!"

I quickly called him on his phone and congratulated him. 

This friend of mine is also my colleague. I had mentored him with lots of care over the past 6-7 years, directly and indirectly. Proud of his success, I congratulated him over email, with a few of his close well wishers in loop. All of them equally praised him over this stupendous, and previously unheard of, award.

Little did I know about the purpose of the award. But I was happy that my mentee got an award.

I headed back home happily. Just as my sister entered the home later that evening, I told her about my friend winning the award. 

Her first question, "Didn't you get the award?" I was dumbfounded. This thought never stuck me. I said sheepishly, "No".

She started negotiating that if I get the award, she would get to keep the spoils. However, I was calm in my mind, and almost certain that I would not get one.

Over the next few days, talks in office revolved around this particular award. A number of names were floating around. The purpose of the award itself was being debated. Every new winner's name was treated, sometimes with surprise, sometimes with happiness and a few times with disdain.

So much for an award. What's in an award? What's in a iPhone award?

All along I kept my calm. I wasn't taken back that I was not getting an award.

Next evening my sister asked again,"Any news on your award?". I said No.

Ah, the questions were getting persistent. Next day, a friend emailed me,"Are you getting the award?" The answer remained the same. 

Later that day, she was very generous with her appreciation toward me. She told me, "I have told people here that if you are not getting an award, the award itself is a farce." I thanked her for her generous words. 

Fast forward to Friday. My sister emailed me - It's in the news. 3000 people are getting an award. And supposedly its a holiday bonus.

Now that was news. For an employee who works in the same organisation. Surprise Surprise!

The same evening I heard my sister telling my mother on phone that some 3000 odd people are getting the iPhone 6 as an award.

Next morning, when I called my mother, she popped the question immediately - "Why didn't you get the award? It's in the newspapers today."

This is when the magnitude of the "missed award" struck me real hard.

I told her,"You need to work real hard to get this award". My mother didn't reply to my reasoning. My sister, who was with me, too didn't say anything. (Yet, anyone who knows me really well, would have said - If you are not working, who is??)

I had been cool and composed in these last 4 days. But this news paper article was going to open a Pandora's Box. Friends, colleagues, relatives et al will be asking my parents over the next couple of days or weeks, on this particular touchy topic of the iPhone 6 award.

And unfortunately, they would have to cut a sorry figure. Who is to blame? Probably, me.

Makes me wonder. Can an award inspire someone and embarrass some others? I don't have an answer. 

P.S. Not that I love the iPhone 6. I am very happy with my Moto G.
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