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Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, is pursuing a topic with extreme zeal and enthusiasm.

Beti Bachao - Save The Girl Child.

Beti Bachao
Today, Wing Commander Pooja Thakur is the toast of the country. 

She had the distinction of being the first lady officer to lead the Inter-Service Guard of Honor which was inspected by US President Barack Obama at Rashtrapati Bhavan here today.

Pooja Thakur and Barack Obama

Hats off to her !!!

Read her interview right here.

To take a snippet from the interview :-

NDTV: Last question, when you told your family that you are going to be the first woman in the Armed Forces to lead the tri-services Guard of Honour salute, what did they have to say? How did they react?

Wing Commander Pooja Thakur: They are very proud. After the Guard of Honour, I have hardly been able to speak to them for about 20 seconds, just asking whether they did see me. But they've been very proud, of course. 

Her family is proud of her. The entire nation is proud of her.

On 26th Jan, India's Republic Day, tomorrow, an all women marching contingent will display India's prowess.  A salute to the all of them, and the Indian girls and women.

Women like Pooja and her likes bringing India into limelight, and making her citizens extremely proud. Then why should some of us engage in female foeticide?

Give it a thought.

At the sake of sounding repetitive, I would urge you to read my blog - Save The Girl Child - published a few years back. Yours Truly is giving company to the Prime Minister of India.

Save the Girl Child. Beti Bachao.

P.S. The picture below will ring bells about the power of women. 

Here is Angelina Jolie. Yes, the acclaimed Hollywood actress, who is considered as one of the most beautiful women in the world.

She is also an UNHCR (U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees) special envoy. She was in Iraq yesterday supporting the refugees from the war in Syria and Iraq. 

She was in a city where any world leader would be scared to tread. And just see the resounding welcome she was accorded.

That is woman power for you.

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  2. Really interesting to read yes hum sab ko apni betiyaan bachani chahiye. Beti Ki Kahani padh kar mere aankhon mein aansoo agaye.