Patents Are Flat Tyres

It's heartening to see an established leader support your point of view.

Years back, I wrote on the touchy topic of patents - making an appeal to Banish The PatentsYesterday, when I read this piece of news, a smile broke across my face.

Infosys CEO, Vishal Sikka, in a media interview termed patents as a scourge on the software industry.

Patents A Scourge

Sikka stunned everyone when asked about patents. "You touched a raw nerve. I think patents are a scourge on the software industry. Patents are a tremendous disservice," Sikka told in an interview. 

He added, "You see the amount of undue attention that companies focus on these patents. Elon Musk recently did this really unprecedented move to open his patents. It was widely received... We are seriously thinking about rethinking our approach towards patents."

Patents are a Joke
Elon Musk, CEO of Telsa, an American Company that designs and manufactures Electric Cars, announced in June 2014 that his company will allow patents for use by anyone in good faith, with the intention of enticing automobile manufacturers to speed up the development of electric cars.

Sikka added, "I think the software industry and its strange fixation on patents is absolutely wrong and is actually not at all productive to innovation.

Savagery of Patent Holders
While many a leaders are known not to practice what they preach, Sikka closed his interview with a silver lining. 

When asked whether Infosys will open up its patents, Sikka replied, "I would encourage you to stay tuned. We will have to clear this with our lawyers. Let me say this. Life is too short to reinvent the wheel and shorter to reinvent a flat tyre. Software patents are definitely flat tires." 

Yes, that's what patents are - Flat Tyres.

Hats off to Sikka for speaking his mind.

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