Robin Hood

Well, I am sure you all have heard about Robin Hood. Yes, the very Robin Hood from English folklore.

Robbing the rich and giving to the poor made him popular. 

The story of Robin Hood brought forward one debate. Does professing a cause which would help people excuse a person of his sins? This debate persists till today.

Robin Hood was a hero. No, Robin Hood was a villain. No, Robin Hood could be termed as a heroic baddie or villainous hero. How you label Robin Hood is your very own choice.

The same thought runs through my mind now.

Is it OK to sin to make someone happy?

Have you committed a sin to make someone happy? Does the sin only make that someone happy? Or does it make you happy too, a tiny bit if not more? 

If the sin makes the someone happy, is the action and the cause noble? And if it makes you happy to some extent, does it make the cause a little less noble?

Give it a thought. Are you a modern day Robin Hood?

Robin Hood
P.S. Do you see a bit of Robin Hood in yourself?

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  1. You've asked some interesting questions. Often when we talk about sin we take a human perspective. This allows us to exonerate ourselves either under the pretext that what we did was helping others or believing that perhaps our crime is not extreme in nature. However, what we need to do is examine ourselves from God's eyes. Only then we'll begin to recognise the bad in us and realise that we can't get away scot free as Robin Hoods. The fact is you don't have to do bad things to do good. It would have been more meaningful if Robin Hood would have give his own hard earned money to the poor - as little as it might have been. God does not keep an eye on how much monetarily you are helping but at how much of your heart is truly in it. Whatever we give me must do so willingly and with happiness and not under pressure. Let me leave you with the story of the widow's offering from the Bible: