An Introvert

Conversations, often, bring to light some interesting insights of our life.

One of them went as below.

She :- What do you like to do when you get some free time for yourself?

He :- Well, quite a few things. I love to read, have a nice siesta, write and listen to nice music.

She :- Interesting ! 

A pregnant pause followed.

She :- You seem to be an introvert.

He :- Do I? Why do you say so?

She :- Well, you love to do things which don't involve other people.

He, was, speechless.

Are you an introvert??

If you are, you need not worry. You do have some good company. And after all, it's not a bad thing.

Introvert But Not Shy
Introvert But Not Shy

An Introvert
An Introvert

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