A Life Split

Known to growl,
And known to prowl.
I wander with pride,
And I'm often vied.

In the dark jungle,
Still is the night.
Under the shining moon,
Scared n affright.

Colored in gold,
And stripes of black,
Considered very bold,
Still I have cracks.

A tiger at heart,
God's work of art.
With my two left feet,
Sometimes ferocious, often sweet.

My life, less ordinary,
A bird I am, free.
Under the sky, starlit,
I'm a personality, split.

A Split Personality
A Split Personality

P.S. We often have our own failings. Usually, they are kept very personal, very close to our heart, never revealed. 

All of us have a bit of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde withing us. Our life, black and white, has several shades of grey.

We can be as ferocious as a tiger, or as meek as a rabbit.

Explore your dark side.

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