The World In Conflict

Different parts of the world in throes of war and conflict.

You have Russia, Russian backed rebels in Ukraine, and Ukraine caught in a bloody conflict in Eastern Ukraine. This has resulted in wide spread sanctions against Russia. A Malaysian Airlines plane MH17, with 298 people on board, was shot down. All people lost their loves, becoming a collateral damage in a needless conflict.

Hamas from The Palestine and Israel are slugging it out in The Gaza strip for the past one month, resulting in the death of 1800+ people, mostly in The Gaza Strip.

And the ISIS is spreading its tentacles in the Middle East, with the latest being its attack and suspected genocide of Yazidis.

This video, shows a daring operation to drop food and amenities for stranded Yazidis, and rescuing a score odd people - women, men and children (Courtesy CNN). Hats off to the men involved in the rescue.
P.S. It is really unfortunate that many of them had to be left behind.
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