Smile For Someone

I thought she was cold,
A mystery, a story untold.
Never a smile, Hardly a grin.
She always put me in a spin.

Her second name, Enigma,
Divine angel, a diva.
Exuding a glittering aura,
Prim, perfect and alpha.

One fine hazy evening,
A beaming smile on her face.
After winter a spring,
Poised with a demure grace.

The object of her affection,
Left me cold and ashen.
Into my heart, a piercing canon,
Her smile for someone.

Smile For Someone
Smile For Someone
P.S. It has been a long time since I wrote about Jealousy. The next one proposes to be an antithesis.

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  1. Nice's my first time to your blog, quite liking your posts.....:)

  2. very nicely written and expressed.