A Leave Request

How many times have your faced a situation where you requested for a leave, which was not approved? Didn't it leave you disappointed, or leave your plans in a disarray?

And how many times have you declined a leave request for someone? 

I have rejected a few leave requests due to various reasons, and believe me, it does leave me gutted. The person whose request was declined would undoubtedly hate me for declining the request, and I would not blame him/her for it.

Some of us don't think at all before requesting for a leave. While some of us think a lot about our work before applying for a leave.

A father faced a similar predicament. His little daughter took up the task of solving the predicament. She wrote a polite request for a leave for her Dad.

Leave Request
Leave Request

And it was happily approved.

Leave Approved
Leave Approved

P.S. Think twice before declining a leave request. I do that myself.
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