Masha And Rafa

Masha and Rafa have conquered Paris.

Masha Maria Sharapova
Rafa Rafael Nadal

Maria Sharapova, from Russia, all of 27, won her 5th Grand Slam on Saturday, 7th June 2014.

After coming on the world stage a decade ago, Masha has once again shown her supremacy in tennis by winning the 2014 French Open Grand Slam at Rolland Garros.

Rafael Nadal, from Spain, all of 28, won his 14th Grand Slam with his French Open victory yesterday. This includes an amazing set of 9 French Open titles, stamping his prowess over clay.

Both Masha and Rafa hold the distinction of having won the Career Grand Slam (all 4 slams in their career), a feat which has been only achieved by 3 other men and 5 other women.

Watching them even today is a delight, and we all hope that they provide their fan with more entertainment in the coming years too.

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