Twenty Dollars

Circa September 2013. The Indian Rupee was under tremendous pressure against the US dollar. Hovering around 68.15 in the early days of September, it had spooked one and all.

From 54 INR for a USD in early May, it had fallen to 59 INR for a USD by early July. And the slide continued to reach a life time low of 68.15.

What was in store ahead? Every one was clueless. The Indian Economy was facing an unprecedented crisis. People talked about debt default and currency devaluation. The common man was hit too. Onion prices had soared to Rs. 100 for a kg.

Raghuram Rajan, the current Governor of The Reserve Bank of India took office on 4th September, facing one of India's biggest economic crisis.

And to his assistance ran a young Indian girl, all of 10 years.

Laila Indira Alva, a Class V student, had just been back from a trip abroad. 

She wrote to Rajan on 5th September 2013, "I have heard about the crisis our economy is facing. I have also heard about the fall of the rupee with respect to the dollar. I have saved $20 on my last trip abroad with my parents. I thought that I could use it but the country needs it more than I do."

20 US Dollars
Rajan wrote back to her a week later. 

"I am deeply touched by your kind gesture. I am aware that this is a challenging time for the country and I have no doubt that the economy will emerge stronger. I am returning the 20 not (note) that you had sent with the assurance that we have adequate foreign exchange reserves in RBI to manage the situation," said Rajan.

A young Indian girl showcased exemplary self sacrifice by giving away her almighty 20 US Dollars. 

A girl learning elementary mathematics showed her insights of economics to the business leaders across India and Dalal Street.

Hats off to her !

P.S. To think of her kindness in the age of "The Wolf Of Wall Street" is immensely heartening.
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  1. indeed hats off to the little one .. because the rest of the billion minus one .. are not bothered that much , seems to be ..