Indian Elections 2014 Recap

The Great Indian General Elections 2014 are coming to an end this week. The polling has concluded yesterday, and results are expected to be out this week.

With the reigns of a nation at stake, and the destiny of a 1+ Billion people on the line, the elections were nothing short of a battle royale.

The Congress led UPA is the incumbent, having run the Government for the past 10 years. In my opinion, they have done reasonably well. The scams have been a black mark on their resume. 

Yet, in the face a massive global recession, continued terrorism, an emerging Youngistan, and a deteriorating security situation, they have managed to keep the economy and the country chugging. 

They could have done better in the last 3 years, but for the policy paralysis. Some bold decisions would have helped the country.

The current Prime Minister Manmohan Singh took a back seat in this elections. Rahul Gandhi was purportedly the leader, but could not make his mark. His sister Priyanka made more noise and took the opposition heads on, in spite of staying away from the poll fray. Sonia Gandhi too did not put up an immpresive show.

The BJP are considering themselves as national challengers for the Congress. With their three time chief minister from Gujarat - Narendra Modi - being the only soul they could look up to as leader, they weaved an amazing campaign.

"Abki Baar Modi Sarkar" was the buzz word for the past 3 months. Incidentally, it became the butt of many jokes too. The BJP's secular credentials are still at stake, with some inciting comments seeing the light of the day as part of the election campaign.

The regional satraps tried to throw their weight. Sharad Pawar, of the NCP, is supposed to have advocated double voting. Jayalalitha, the chief minister of Tamil Nadu, claimed that her state is much more developed than Gujarat. Mamata Didi played an innocent victim, as always. 

The Communists, opponents to every iota of progress, could not gather any steam, or make any noise. They should know that their time is up in a modern India.

Arvind Kejriwal was supposed to be the new star on the Indian Political horizon. Yet, neither he nor his party could create any political wave or suggest alternative innovative ideas to reform India.

Arvind Kejriwal Baby Doll
Arvind Kejriwal
Deemed to be a savior of modern India, he made a fool of himself with such atrocious statements - "If any person in Amethi votes for Congress, then don't feel bad (for the remarks) he will commit treachery against the country....Have I said something wrong...., am I saying too much....I once again say even if a single vote is cast to Congress or BJP then you will commit treachery against God and country."

The elections were tracked by the Indian Stock Market very closely. The BSE Sensex reached dizzying heights. A thoughts of a pro economy Government coming to power had triggered the climb.

The RBI too was not spared. The continuity of Raghuram Rajan, as the Governor of the RBI, has been discussed. Any new Government should realize that some organisations are apolitical, and should stay that way.

All in all, the elections have reemphasized the power of democracy. The votes are sealed in the ballot boxes (of course, in an electronic form). The destiny of a Billion plus Indians is locked in those ballots. 

The counting begins on 16th of May 2014, and the results are expected to be out the same day. The Congress is confident of coming back to power, but the prospects look a bit weak. The BJP too is confident, but a good marketing campaign do not often yield the best results.

Whoever comes to power should power India on the way to glory. Ensure better growth, ensure better security, ensure holistic development, and make India an economic power house.
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