My Past

She looked back at me,
Scathing eyes, raging gaze.
Why did I ignore her,
In this world, a maze.

She was my best pal,
Always by my side.
Gem of a gal,
Always walking in stride.

Bright as a sun,
Promising as the dawn.
She was all this,
Now someone, just bygone.

I let her down,
Today she has a frown.
She was my present,
Now my past, fearfully distant.

My Past Isabeli Fontana
My Past

P.S. She was my erstwhile present. Now my past. Lost in the knotted time.

Never ignore your present and let it become your regret later. It always holds the most promise.

My Past My Past Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Sunday, September 29, 2013 Rating: 5


  1. So sad, the regret when she who was so special is gone.

  2. I agree... with nor regrets...

  3. The remorse is palpable here.


  4. Unfortunately there are no do-overs in life. With the wisdom of age, we look back at our youth and wish we had done things differently ... but we did what we knew how to do at the time. The wisdom comes only from the living. Well written.

  5. Everyone must have regrets and 'what ifs' in life, but we must move on and not try to recapture the past. It looks as though she left without taking her clothes!