In Face Of Terror

Terror is raising its ugly head again.

It has been a very bloody weekend. Terrorists attack across Pakistan and Kenya have once again bought forth the consequences of the monster called as Terrorism.

Terrorists in Pakistan bombed a Church on Sunday, 22nd September 2013, killing 85 people in the attack. The dastardly attacks in Pakistan are a stark reminder to the country about the self destructive nature of terrorism.

In Kenya, despicable terrorists from neighboring Somalia staged an audacious attack in a premier shopping mall - Westgate Mall Nairobi - in the heart of the Kenyan capital Nairobi on Saturday, 21 September 2013. 

This was supposedly a vengeance attack against Kenya, for Kenya had sent their troops to Somalia to fight the insurgents. In their ghastly crime, these militants segregated people and killed them based on their religious identity.

The siege in the mall is still on at the moment of writing this blog. The number of people killed in this macabre attack could be be huge.

Does such kind of religious extremism have any place in a modern day society? Does this religious fanaticism create a win situation for any one religious community?

No. The answer is an emphatic No.

Here  are some pictures from Kenya so that everyone across the world realizes that no one stands to gain from such gruesome terror.

It creates fear in everyone's mind, which may leave the soul shattered for life.

Fear in their Eyes

It leaves ordinary families - like your, mine, and everyone else s in deep distress. Leaving indelible marks of horror, that could last a life time.
Families in Distress

Such acts of grisly terror do not spare children who are devoid of any religious orientation. Children who are God's own child are made innocent victims by religious zealots.

Children in Pain

It creates fear even in the minds and hearts of law protection officers. They have to put their duty before their lives, before their families, to protect their nation and its citizen from such terrorists.

Fear In Their Eyes

They are brave-hearts, having their own lives hanging by the thread, as they tackle the menace of needless terrorism.

All said and done, such shameless acts of barbarism and hopeless methods of inflicting pain, all in the name of religion, have no real place in the world.
Heart Breaking
This picture says it all. 

A picture of children with a Mars chocolate in their hands, tears in their eyes, separated from their parents, standing next to an injured or a dead person, paints an awful situation in our world.

And who knows, to which religion did this children belong to?

Just one thought - Don't incite terrorism. Don't incite religious fanaticism.

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