Six Years Six Centuries

It was almost 6 years back, on 15 Oct 2007, I started my blog with a modest post. And today, after a long and interesting journey, I am posting my 600th blog post.  

Along the way, I tried to write about things which made a difference of a moment in my day to day life.

In the earliest days of my blog, I did not have personal computer or an internet connection. In these circumstances, I often posted a few blogs here and there from my office laptop or computer.  

Posts were usually very small, sharing links to interesting concepts like Viral Marketing and Super Model Tennis Players.

As time progressed, by God's grace, I got a laptop and an internet connection somewhere around March 2009. Till then, I had just about 32 blog posts under my wing.

From those days onwards, I started to pursue blogging with more interest.

Themes were wide and diverse. It included off beat notes on Cougars and Thursday Dressing. Recollections of travel were blogged with some interesting snaps under Travel Tales, Nature Trails and Cellar Heights.

Socially important topics too found a way into my writing. I found myself discussing about Contraception and the Church, Maoism and Female Foeticide.

Posts on Starlets, Friends, Movies, Politics et al were pursued with zeal and enthusiasm.

A few posts were blockbusters, with Google search redirecting visitors to my blog. Ana Ivanovic and Football WAGs showed the popularity of sports stars and their better half's. Perfumes and Hairstyles were probable lunch hour companions for folks across the world.

My blog captured my insecurities with Outcast and Jealousy. India's journey to be world champions in cricket was also captured.

I made my attempt towards poetry, capturing thoughts about presence of companions Till Eternity, and something as forever as Diamonds. I blogged about people I met, and people I didn't meet. Read Who is She?

Thoughts such as this were diverse and many. You can check all of them by visiting my Random Thoughts.

My blog has been my steadfast companion for the last several years. I blogged from across the world, airports included. Long days at work sometimes meant I posted a blog at an unearthly hour.

Visitors from across India and the world, friends included, and their kind words of encouragement motivated me to pursue blogging all these years.
Today as I complete this 600th blog post, it has been a learning journey for me All I can sincerely hope is that every visitor to my blog loves a bit of my writing and goes back as a happy or an informed soul.

Hope my words stand the test of time.

Test of Time

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