Roll Of The Dice

I plucked out my heart,
And laid it to rest.
Couldn't give it all,
Couldn't give it the best.

The heart lies still,
Without a solemn beat.
Climbing many a hills,
It fell down the cliff.

It was a little numb,
And a bit dumb.
It was split apart,
By daggers and darts.

Seeking love, aspiring warmth,
All it got was wrath.
Dashed were its needs,
All it could do was bleed.

Tears flowed down the eyes,
It shivered in fright.
The heart lost its fight,
By the Roll of the Dice. 

Roll Of The Dice

Roll Of The Dice Roll Of The Dice Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Tuesday, May 07, 2013 Rating: 5


  1. So sad when all you can do is gather the tears... but maybe the pain will be replaced by another day of hope

  2. Hearts do take a tumeble, as we go through life. Thankfully, it is resilient, rubbery, bounces back and at length, takes a tumble again. Smiles.

  3. When our heart breaks it seems it is drowned in tears but before long the crack opens us to light that is just beyond the darkness. A heartfelt poem.


  4. Sad piece~ well written.

  5. Heartbreak and tears will hopefully occasion renewal of strength and understanding that perhaps there were better things in store.