What Next?

Once in a while, you come across incidents or circumstances which makes you say - What Next? Is there something which can get more "surprising" than this one?

Well, off late, my thoughts and eyes crossed a few such situations. Here's a low down on some of them.

Take the case of Barack Obama. It's election year in America. 5 years after showing the promise of a brighter America and a stronger world, Obama wishes to put back his ordinary work and win a second term.

Barack Obama
As with all politicians, Obama too is trying to catch the pulse of his nation - by planning some laws which would dissuade organizations from outsourcing IT and Business Process work to India. This would supposedly secure more jobs for American people and would badly hurt India and the Indian organizations, who lean on this important revenue.

However, a few months later, the same Obama tells the Indian Government that they have too many restrictive policies for Foreign Direct Investment in India. How shameless can a person get? At one end, he wants to stop Indian people from taking work in his country. At the other end, he wants American organizations to enjoy a piece of the Indian Pie.

What Next? Is "Double Standard" your pet name, Mr. Obama?

Moving onto Sunny Leone. An year back, if you said Sunny Leone, people would have asked - Sunny Who? Today, her claim to fame is well known.

Since making her much watched debut in Big Boss last year, Sunny joined to the Bollywood bandwagon and made her Bollywood Debut in Jism2 this year. The movie was supposed to be a hot potato, but is supposedly a ice cube. (This is what the newspapers say.)

Sunny Leone
A bold picture of Jism2 was splashed across several cities in India. In Mumbai, corporators of a leading political party raised a hue and cry to get the posters removed - citing them to be too promiscuous. 

Well, given the hold of moral police in Mumbai, these guys had their way and the posters were pulled down in a day.

In a stark contrast, another corporator of the same political party has invited Sunny as the chief guest of a Dahi Handi festival. Can you believe it? 

I doubt whether the people would be able to break the Handi when Sunny is around. What next?

And if this was of enough, another piece of news surprised me. 

Kim Collins, a sprinter from St. Kitts, participating in the Olympics 2012 in London was dropped from his country's team. The reason - He spent an night with his wife in a London Hotel.

How ridiculous can it get? Can someone be more irrational?

All in all, there is no dearth of people who create situations which would make them look daft. And it would be almost impossible to get them improve. All that we can say is - What Next?

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