A Mixed Bag

A Mixed bag of thoughts captured on my cell phone over the past one month, as my mind rambled while traveling alone or listening to music or reading newspapers or getting lost in the crowd at work.

08:23am, Thu 19-Jul-2012
The thought that I would have to spend another 12 to 14 hours, before I talk to you to my hearts content, is unnerving.

08:46am, Thu 19-Jul-2012
Jab yaar kare parwah meri,
Mujhe kya parwah iss duniya ki,
Jug mujhpe lagaaye pabandi,
Main hoon hi nahi iss duniya ki.

09:30am, Thu 19-Jul-2012
Stars are matched before a holy union. With our union, the stars come together and form a holy union.

09:36pm, Thu 19-Jul-2012
Only if you could see the smile on my face, you would see how happy I am. 

09:21am, Fri 20-Jul-2012
Ye naacheez ek cheez uski maange hai tujhse,
Musafir ye dehleez maange hai tujhse,
Khudaya tu bata.. Kahaan uska pata, pata kar,
Main uske bina bepata hoon.
be pata, be pata, be-pata hoon.

12:00pm, Sun 22-Jul-2012
Main pareshaan pareshan pareshaan pareshaan,
Aatishein woh kahaan.
Main pareshaan pareshan pareshaan pareshaan,
Ranjishein hain dhuaan.

10:06pm, Mon 13-Aug-2012
Haan yeh zidd hai meri,
Tujhko hi sochengey ab hum,
Roshini yeh teri.
Khwaabon mein rakhengey band hum.

08:54am, Tue 14-Aug-2012
Jaaye jahan tu jaye,
Paaye mujhe hi paaye,
Saaye ye mere hain tujh mein samaaye,
Saiyyara main saiyaara,
Sayyara tu saiyyara,
Sitaron ke jahan mein milenge ab yaara.

For all Indians:- Happy Independence Day!!

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