Between Him and her

The lack of them make you feel down. And the abundance of them leave you perplexed. What is it?

They shape your destiny. What are they?

You can't have everything. You need to select a few.  What is it?

Well, I am talking about choices. 

Choices are to be made everywhere. Choices are to be made everyday. Simple or complex, urgent or unimportant, single or multitude, they come up in a wide variety.

But his predicament was miserable. He had to choose between Him and her.

Can you sense that? Between Him and her!! The choice weighed heavily on his humble mind. 

He wondered on why he had to make this choice. He had faith in Him. But he had fondness for her too. His sight made him calm, while her sight made him rejoice. 

He wasn't as big as her, yet he made his presence felt with His towering personality. Yet her grace was visible. Yet her charm was noticeable. Yet her attraction was felt.

Both of them were held in deep respect. He was offered prayers, at least ten times a day, while she was admired many more times. A sense of guilt plagued his mind for giving her such unbalanced attention.

His name was known, while she was unnamed. Yet both of them shared the safe affection. His blessings were willingly accepted, and her radiance was appreciated. He was most humble, she seemed equally modest.

There was one similarity between both of them - they could be seen without being in actual sight. They could be visualized. They could be envisaged.

He didn't know that He was held in such deep esteem.Or maybe He did? As for her, she didn't know that she was the object of such deep affection. Or maybe she did?

Would He set him up with her? Well, only time would tell. 

Until then, all that he could do was have faith in Him. Until then, all that he could do was admire her silently. 

Their eyes had talked with each other - maybe once, maybe twice, maybe more times. Yet, something held him back. Yet, something held her back. And He remained a watchful spectator. Just like He was overseeing what was happening.

After all, He was God himself, while she was the object of my affection.
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