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Well, If you are in the business of dealing with softwares or hardwares, then the term "Show-Stopper" will not be completely unknown to you!!

I would say the same thing for people in the business of Fashion!!

Well, Wikipedia gives the following definition for Show-stopper

An event or fatal bug in software that makes it unusable or useless by disabling an essential piece of its functionality: 


In a project, mostly in software development: a problem that is known to be unsolvable and will bring the project to a halt.

For example, a bug that renders a text editor unable to open files, or a feature that interrupts the user with a near-infinite pop up windows when installing software.

Well, I completely agree with these ideas!! After all, these things are a part of my day to day life!!
But one thing that certainly isn't a part of my day-to-day life are the Super Model Show-stoppers!!

Models are called Show-stoppers when they walk the ramp for a particular designer at a fashion show and are expected to bring the show to a halt - with their grace, style, flamboyance, et all. Needless to say, they gather maximum eyeballs at the event and maximum publicity after the event!!

Here, I agree to Wiki's definition, for such kind of Show-stoppers

A word introduced into the English language circa 1926 meaning "an act, song, or performer that wins applause so prolonged as to interrupt a performance" or, more generally, "something or someone exceptionally arresting or attractive"

And guess which Show-stopper made me write all this??

Well, this is Deepika Padukone at the Wills India Fashion Week 2010/2011. 

She definitely would have bought the show to a complete halt with her stunning looks and her elegant walk down the ramp!!
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  1. I am participating as a show stopper model for Nitika couture, at G'GLANCE Fashion Week,@ Taj Vivanta. Excited for the event.