Portmanteau Words

Well, I can safely say - Knowledge is the discovery of our own ignorance!!

Wonder what makes me say this??
Well, I have known basic English for at least 20 years!! But I hadn't heard of "Portmanteau Words"!!

The Dictionary says that a Portmanteau word is composed of parts of two or more words!!

It simply means that two or more basic words are joined together to form and convey a theme represented by the two words together!!

Some common portmanteau words include Smog (Smoke and Fog), Motel (Motor and Hotel) and Brunch (Breakfast and Lunch)!!
This made me wonder how we all keep on using these words without even thinking how they were formed!!

One common portmanteau word that I came across was "Celebutante". This seems quite new - my blog dictionary failed to recognize it!!

And then you have Portmanteau names!! Do you recollect Brangelina??

Well, that's Brad (Pitt) and Angelina (Jolie) for short!!

This word has certainly made its mark!!
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