Formula 1 - 2010 Calender

The Formula 1 season 2010 is set to commence with the first race in Bahrain on 14th March.

Stretched over a period of 8 months, F1 will travel across 19 destinations across the world to find the new F1 champion.

The detailed calender is attached below


Yeongam in South Korea will be the new entrant into the F1 calender.
There has been a major shake up in the team structure in F1 this year.

Mercedes have put up a new independent team this year - with Micheal Schumacher in the saddle. With Michael back after a hiatus of three years, the competition is bound to increase on the tracks!!

Ferrari have recruited the services of Fernando Alonso along with their existing driver Filipe Massa. That has left ex-champion Kimi Raikkonen without a drive!! And Alonso will finally drive in a competitive car since leaving McLaren Mercedes two years back!!

McLaren Mercedes team have the champions of the last two editions - Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton - driving from them. Both of them will strive hard to win the F1 drivers championship again!! And McLaren look strong to win the constructors championship!!

There are 4 new teams on the grid this year - Lotus Racing, US F1 Team, Campos Meta and Virgin Racing!!

All in all it promises to be an exciting season!!

And hope that the most deserving man and team may win the championship!!
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