Ana Ivanovic or Pink Tennis Balls!!

Well, Magazines, Advertisers etc try to catch your eye to sell their products!!

Or like I read somewhere, they try to make a casual glance an attentive stare!!

Have a look at this picture below!!

Ana Ivanovic - the Serbian Tennis Star - is posing for Sports Illustrated!!

And guess what caught my attention when I saw this snap for the first time??

The pink tennis balls!!

Shall we call it - losing the bigger picture??

This shoot of hers has become so famous - that Google search throws 11 million results for this query.

Catch some more pictures of the famous tennis star? Or shall I say a super model?

And a couple of pictures indicating how they shot for this photoshoot!!

She can give any super model a run for her money!!
Ana Ivanovic or Pink Tennis Balls!! Ana Ivanovic or Pink Tennis Balls!! Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Wednesday, February 10, 2010 Rating: 5


  1. Yes !!!! Thats what is called loosing the Bigger Picture :)


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