Unsaid Lessons

Life throws up interesting lessons. Often, when you are young. Real young. This young lad had a wonderful lesson about life on a chilly winter morning.

At around 8 in the morning, he was walking to the school bus stop, hand in hand with his grandmother. He waved at one of his pals, who was sitting on a bench, waiting for his school bus. His pal didn't wave him back. The lad tried waving at him again, without any results. He even gave him a shout, but to no avail.

Dejected by his unsuccessful attempts, the lad remarked to his grand mom, "He didn't wave back at me, even though I waved at him."

His grandmother replied, "Probably, he did not see you waving."

The lad added, "But I was waving at him. I waved at him twice. I even called his name !"

The grand mom, with years of experience under her belt, added "Yea. Maybe he was lost in his thoughts and he did not notice you. You can talk to him and play with him in the evening."

The lad pondered about her reply and kept on walking slowly to the bus stop.

His grand mom chuckled as she walked along. She didn't tell him was that very often when you raise a shout to people, they don't respond back to you. Because, they simply might not want to.  Reciprocation is not easy. 

She hoped that her the grandson would have learnt this unsaid lesson in life !

Friends Apart
Friends Apart

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