"One Vodka Martini. Shaken, not Stirred."

I am sure the famous catchphrase - "Shaken. Not Stirred." - would resonate with all Bond Fans. And for those of you who are uninitiated in the world of 007, the super British agent has opened up many opportunities and created stellar impressions with his exquisite choice of ordinary words. 

If there is one thing which is striking about Bond, it's his eloquence !

Some of his famous lines go as below.

Diamonds are Forever (1971)
Sir Donald Munger: "Tell me, Commander, how far does your expertise extend into the field of diamonds?"
James Bond: "Well, hardest substance found in nature, they cut glass, suggest marriages, I suppose it replaced the dog as the girl's best friend. That's about it."

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)
Russian Lady Agent: "But James, I need you!"
Bond: "So does England!"

Live and Let Die (1973)
Miss Caruso: "Such a delicate touch."
Bond: "Sheer magnetism, darling."

Skyfall (2012)
James Bond: Everyone needs a hobby... 
Raoul Silva: So what's yours? 
James Bond: Resurrection. 

Spectre (2015)
Madeleine Swann: I see you left this final question blank. What is your occupation. 
James Bond: Well, that's not the sort of thing that looks good on a form. 
Madeleine Swann: And why is that? 
James Bond: I kill people. 

While 'most' of us aren't James Bond, being eloquent is usually and extremely important in our business.

Good communication skills help us convey our thoughts and ideas. Eloquence helps you drive home your point. Eloquence gets you the required attention in an age where people are short of time. This attention helps you do your business effectively. And very often if you need to persuade people, eloquence should be the weapon in your shining armor.

Eloquence is that blockbuster sixer which can win you the match. Use it effectively.

Be Eloquent.
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