My Feet of Clay

The world, 
The bad bad world.
Under the prying eyes,
I was always judged.

I had a few flaws,
N I broke a few laws.
The world, with its claws,
They made me an outlaw.

The sky blue turned grey,
In the world, a castaway.
All that I had was,
Just my feet of clay.
My Feet of Clay My Feet of Clay Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Monday, November 09, 2015 Rating: 5


  1. yes, just me feet of clay....we all have flaws and yet we judge...Beautiful poem...!

  2. Wow its just makes us realizing the theme good flow :)

  3. Few flaws and someone becomes an outlaw, a castaway with feet of clay.....provocative.

  4. And yet those who judge others generally have their fair share of flaws. I like the lines about being a castaway with feet of clay. A sad way to feel. Thanks for sharing at Poets United.

  5. Being judged is the worst, especially since we are own worst judges... perfection is to have a flaw.

  6. I sometimes think we judge ourselves far more harshly than others judge us. Some wise man once said "First you learn to love yourself ... " Your verse is well written!

  7. I believe nobody deserves to be judged.. beautifully written.

  8. Very cleverly written! Do not judge because tomorrow it may be you.

  9. "...All that I had was,
    Just my feet of clay."
    That's all you need to keep runnin'. Keep writtin'.

  10. I like the way you depicted a change in nature to reflect the internal mood/struggle.