She closed her eyes,
To my senses.
She closed her heart,
To my love.

She closed her feelings,
To my affection.
She closed her life,
To my love

With all doors closed,
My soul lost its heart.
Anything it could do,
Nothing could bring her back.

On a cold winter day,
Shivering with loneliness.
People around her plenty,
Her heart wandered aimless.

Doors to her soul,
Were a bit open.
The warmth from my love,
For her, a cushion.

Her dreams and my wings,
Her grace and  my charm.
A bird in flight,
It promised not to stop.

Her doors closed again,
Never to open again.
Just one thing different,
The abode, wasn't vacant.

P.S. By God's grace, this is blog post number 800.

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