Post Cards From Blankenberge Belgium

A few weeks back, I got the opportunity to visit Blankenberge. Blankenberge is a coastal city in Belgium, located off The North Sea.

It takes just about an hour and 20 minutes to travel to Blankenberge from the capital Brussels on the inter city train. The weekend tickets are priced economically at 16 EUR for a return trip.

Blankenberge is the last stop on this route and just about everyone who got down from the train was headed towards a single destination :- The Beach of Blankenberge.

A small walk from the railway station, and we were at the beach.

A few days back before the visit to Blankenberge, I had read about The Low Countries. Belgium and The Netherlands majorly constitute The Low Countries, since most of the land is at sea level or below the sea level.

Have a look at the below image, courtesy Google Street View (A foolish me didn't click the image even though I was here).

Just beyond the steps is the beach of Blankenberge, making you realize that you are actually below sea level.

Blankenberge Belgium - Below Sea Level

Just after you climb the steps, you see a sea of people, all soaking in the sun in the vast expanse of the beach. Right in front of you is The North Sea.

Blankenberge - The Vast North Sea
The beach is wide and long. Even with a high tide, you do have lots of place to setup a base and enjoy the sun and the water.

A few ships were sailing in high mast.

Blankenberge North Sea

Across the far side of the beach was the pier of Blankenberge.

Pier van Blankenberge Belgium
While the tide was high, the life guards on the beach were asking the surfers and people to stay away from one particular area of the beach. As the sea moved in and low tide set in, I understood the reasons for their warnings of caution.

Blankenberge Road Into The North Sea
The steps above extended into the sea. I still wonder how deep they go into the sea.

The vast sky created many natural wonders. I managed to spot a dinosaur in making.

Dinosaur in the Sky

The beach was full of sea gulls. I managed to catch one of them in full flight.

Blankenberge Sea Gulls in Flight

As the sun made its way down into the sea, the shadows on the beach created an impressive view.

Blankenberge - Life in Shadows
It would also be worthwhile to share a few words of the strings of buildings on the beach side. They are lined across the entire beach and each of them is 20 stories tall.

They would offer a panoramic view of The North Sea. The people staying in those apartments would have witnessed high storms and calm seas. And of course, a million dreams about the life beyond the sea.

The water was a bit cold, give the windy conditions. However, the beach offers a joyous weekend for the travelers.

A tall Church too overlooks the city.

Blankenberge - Church
In all, the beach town of Blankenberge offers travelers of spending a sunny afternoon on the coast of The North Sea. Do not miss it if you are in Belgium in the summer.

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