Karlie Kloss And Coding

Super model Karlie Kloss might appeal to you as an eye candy. You would be surprised to know, she has a head over her shoulders. And a very bright one.

In a recent interview, she shared her surprising hobby - Coding.

'It’s always fascinated me, but it’s not a subject I was taught in school,' she spoke vividly about her passion for programming. 'So last year, I decided to take a coding crash course and I ended up LOVING it.' 

The super model encourages other women and girls to take up coding. She has donated a cool $20,000 to New York's Flatiron School for a scholarship to encourage women to code. The model took the course last year and wants other women to follow in her footsteps. 

She added, 'There’s a big misconception that coding is strictly mathematical; it’s actually incredibly creative. Code runs everything around us, and young women are so important to defining the future.' 

Now isn't that a bright idea !

It's the first time I have heard a super model talk about love for programming. Keep it up Karlie !!

Karlie Kloss - She Loves Coding 
P.S. What Pig Snout was for Gryffindor Tower , Karlie Kloss is for me !!

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