His Cage

This is dark.

His Cage
His Cage
The cage was locked,
And the mind blocked.

The world was free,
Someone wanted to flee.

Feet locked to chains,
A white life with stains.

A simple soul slain,
His life in wane.

One fine summer day,
When everything was dull and grey.

The door opens a bit,
N he gets an idea to cheat.

Fluttering his small wings,
Cutting off the binding strings.

He resolved his strife,
Escaped from His Cage, His Life.

P.S. The picture is carefully chosen to reflect a colorful bird, locked in a cage, with poignant thoughts in captivity. And the words are carefully chosen to explain his predicament.

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  1. Lovely lines and apt pic to go with it.
    Cheers, Archana - www.drishti.co