A Wandering Soul

This is the story of a wandering soul. 

Seeking a shore, the soul struggles in water, trying to stay afloat. 

Without a direction,
Unaware of the way.
Lost its path,
In the skies grey.

Looked deep, looked inside,
Found something, a nadir hollow.
Seeking a bright sun,
All it got, some cold snow.

Lost around with feet of clay,
When everything seems faraway.
Warped in a timeless roll,
This is a wandering soul.

Wandering Soul
And for lack of better words, I could borrow the below lines.

Lekar Hum Deewaanaa Dil 
Firate Hain Manjil Manjil
Kahee To Pyaare, 
Kisee Kinaare, 
Mil Jaao Tum Andhere Ujaale..

Kaisi teri khudgarzi
Na dhoop chune na chhanv
Kaise teri khudgarzi
Kisi thor tike na panv.

Ban liya apna paigambar
Tar liya sat samandar
Phir bhi sookha man ke andar
Kyoon rahega..

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